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2020- 2021
Shasta County Grand Jury
Carr Fire Incident

When Rank Has its Privileges or Adding Fuel to the Fire


The 2020-2021 Shasta County Grand Jury received a complaint against a sitting member of the Shasta County Board of Supervisors. The scope of the complaint and the fact that the subject of the complaint was an elected official were significant. The Grand Jury formed an ad hoc committee to complete a thorough and detailed investigation into the complaint. Shasta County Counsel provides routine legal analysis to the Grand Jury. As Shasta County Counsel also provides legal representation to the Board of Supervisors, creating a conflict of interest, the Grand Jury was referred to the Shasta County District Attorney for legal assistance. The Grand Jury sought legal advice from the District Attorney’s Office throughout the investigation. Based on the information provided to this grand jury it was determined that sufficient evidence existed to confirm that the complainant’s concerns were warranted.


F1. During the 2018 Carr fire evacuations the Supervisor of District 2 of Shasta County used the authority of his office to enter the evacuated area and fuel his personal home generator multiple times for personal gain.

F2. Review by the SCGJ finds that this activity is prohibited by California State Assembly Bill No. 1234.


R1. The Shasta County Board of Supervisors will place on their agenda by October 15, 2021, a motion to publicly censure the Supervisor of District 2 for actions taken during the 2018 Carr Fire.

R2. The Shasta County Board of Supervisors by October 15, 2021, will offer the Supervisor of District 2 an opportunity to publicly apologize for his actions.


Shasta County Board of Supervisors:

Recommendations R1, R2