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Shasta County Grand Jury

Final Report Overviews

2022 - 2023

Shasta County Grand Jury

Final Report

  • Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Grand Jury Compliance Report

  • Enterprise Park, City of Redding

  • Another Look at the Shasta County Coroner's Office

  • Clear Creek Community Services District

  • Are Foster Kids at Risk in Shasta County?

  • Shasta County CARES Act

2020 - 2021

Shasta County Grand Jury

Final Report

  • Carr Fire Incident: "When Rank Has its Privileges" or "Adding Fuel to the Fire"

  • Summary Audit & Finance Committee Report

  • Anderson Union High School District: "Teaching Current and Future Leaders"

  • SHASCOM 9-1-1 Investigation Report: "Who is Helping the Helpers?"

  • Shasta County Coroner's Office Report: "Dead Men Tell No Tales"

2019 - 2020

Shasta County Grand Jury

Final Report

  • Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Grand Jury Compliance Report

  • The District Attorney's Office: "Fighting the Good Fight"

  • "It's a Jail" - Shasta County Adult Detention Facility Inspection Report

  • "So Much With So Little" - French Gulch-Whiskeytown School District

  • An Investigation of the Election Process in Shasta County - Your Vote Counts

  • The Summer of Fire

2018 - 2019

Shasta County Grand Jury
Final Report

  • 2018-2019 Grand Jury Compliance Report

  • Medical Services at Shasta County Jail

  • SHASCOM 911 Services

  • Sugar Pine Conservation Camp

2017 - 2018

Shasta County Grand Jury

Follow the Money

  • Responses to the 2016-2017 Shasta County Grand Jury Reports, Are They Compliant?

  • Protecting Those Who Protect Us - Money Well Spent

  • City of Anderson 2014 Tax Measures A and B - A Promise Made, A Promise Kept

  • Shasta County Jail: Funding and Capacity - A Public Safety Crisis Deepens

  • Green Rush...Up in Smoke? Legal Cannabis in the City of Shasta Lake

  • Community Corrections Partnership - AB 109 Funds, $45.7 Million for Public Safety - Where Has It Gone?

2016 - 2017

Shasta County Grand Jury

Focus on the Facts

  • Stillwater Business Park - Still Spending; Still Waiting

  • Shasta County Service Areas - Elk Trail Water Improvement Project

  • Unfunded Pension Liabilities: Shasta County and the Cities of Redding, Anderson, and Shasta Lake - Pay Now or Pay More Later

  • Shasta County Joint Audit Committee

  • GPS Ankle Bracelet Monitoring and Law Enforcement

  • City of Redding Code Enforcement

  • Responses to the 2015/16 Shasta County Grand Jury

  • Shasta County Sheriff's Office - Animal Regulation Unit

  • Shasta Lake Fire Protection District - Where There's Smoke, Is There Fire?

2015 - 2016

Shasta County Grand Jury

What Matters to You?

  • Shasta County Veterans Services Office - Veterans' Lives Matter

  • Troubled Waters - Water Matters

  • A Mental Health Crisis, Following the Call - The First 72 Hours Matter

  • The Quarter Million Dollar Typo - Words Matter

  • Shasta LAFCO - No Laughing Matter

  • Shasta County Sheriff's Office - Trust Matters

  • Shasta County Joint Audit Committee - Numbers Matter

  • Agendizing Grand Jury Reports and Responses - Public Awareness Matters

  • Shasta County Coroner's Office - Compassion Matters

  • Sugar Pine Conservation Camp - Partnership Matters

2014 - 2015

Shasta County Grand Jury

Shasta Strong

  • Turf Troubles in River City

  • Meth and Heroin Plagues Shasta County Life - A Trip You Never Want to Take

  • Keeping Children Safe and Families Together

  • Shasta County Jail: Catch and Release

  • Shasta County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility

  • Sugar Pine Conservation Camp - An Opportunity For Success

  • 2014/2015 Shasta County Audit

  • Looking Back - Responses to the Shasta County Grand Jury Report Fiscal Year 2013-2014

  • Redding Police Department - Commendation

2013 - 2014

Shasta County Grand Jury

Final Report

  • Looking Back: A follow-up on responses to the 2012-2013 Grand Jury report

  • Not In My Backyard: Building and zoning violation management

  • Wheels on the Bus: A study of Redding Area Bus Authority

  • Calling All Cars: A report on police response times in Anderson and Redding

  • Open Parks - Closed Meetings: A review of park development fees and processes in Redding

  • Price of Admission: Comparison of building permit fees in Anderson, Redding, and Shasta Lake City

  • Not Your Ordinary Bracelet: A report on the use of ankle bracelets by law enforcement

  • Incarceration in Shasta County: Shasta County Jail, Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility and Sugar Pine Conservation Camp

  • Final Observation: Autopsy protocols

  • An Evolving Mission in a Changing County: Volunteer Fire Companies

  • Grand Total: Shasta County annual financial audit

2012 - 2013

Shasta County Grand Jury

Final Report

  • Quality Takes Time

  • Facilitating Conservation

  • California Departments Cooperating

  • What is a Permissible Gift?

  • Diploma or Certificate of Completion?

  • Audit and Finance Report

  • Let There Be Light - At A Discount

2011 - 2012

Shasta County Grand Jury

Final Report

  • In Jeopardy - Volunteer Fire Departments

  • Mt. Gate - What's an Employee to Do

  • Airport Expansion

  • Body of Proof - The Coroner

  • Open and Transparent Government - The Brown Act

  • Trash Talk - Redding Recycle

  • The Help - SHASCOM 911

  • Female Jail Inmates - Gender Bias Issues?

  • Juvenile Hall

  • Red Light Camera Revisited

  • Missing Person at Risk

  • Audit and Finance Report

  • Shoot or Don't Shoot - FATS

  • All Talk and No Action - AB 109 Realignment

2010 - 2011

Shasta County Grand Jury

Final Report

  • Audit of Shasta County Accounts: "No Exceptions Noted"

  • Redding Ballot Measures A and B

  • Nuisance Water Complaint

  • Shasta County Coroner

  • Fire Arms Training Simulator

  • Shasta County Jail Tour

  • Shasta County Jail Cell Searches

  • Shasta County Juvenile Hall

  • Sugar Pine Conservation Camp

  • City of Redding Sobriety Checkpoints

  • What It Takes to Become a Law Enforcement Officer in Shasta County

  • Mountain Gate Community Services District

  • Burney Water District

2009 - 2010

Shasta County Grand Jury

Final Report

  • Audit of Shasta County Accounts: "No Exceptions Noted"

  • City of Redding Wastewater Treatment Plants, "The Choice is Clear"

  • City of Redding Business Improvement Districts: "To Tax or Not To Tax"

  • Committee Informational Reviews

  • Redding Electric Utility Reserve Fund Loans: "City of Redding Piggy Bank"

  • Shasta County Law Enforcement Agencies: "Use of Deadly Force"

  • Employee Theft at the Sheriff's Office

  • Grand Jury's Visits to Public prisons in Shasta County

  • Shasta County Office of the Sheriff Budget

  • Shasta County Justice Center - Main Jail

  • Sugar Pine Conservation Camp #9

  • Shasta County Juvenile Hall

  • Shasta Area Safety Communications Agency

  • Anderson Fire Protection District: "Since You Asked"

  • Gateway Unified School District: "Good Ol' Boys will be Good Ol' Boys!"

  • Local Districts and Agencies Administration: "Board Membership 101"

  • Animal Control: "It's for the Animals"

  • Committee Informational Reviews

  • Environmental Health: "Restaurant Rating System"

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